Gelatina con Rompope

I'm Sharing a Recipe I once had....My husbands aunt made it and it was delicious so I knew i had to TRY it for myself!


2 Cans Of Squared Pineapples
2 Cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Quart Box of EGG NOG
2 Bags of Rompope Jello/to Make with MIlk
2 Bags of Pineapple Jello/to Make with Water

So you Make THE Jello First...

You will find the Rompope Jello/Eggnog Jello in the ethnic Section at Walt Mart. YOu boiled 8 Cups of MIlk...then add the Rompope JEllo, mix it really good...put it in the Fridge...When Ready...Turn it around and cut it into small size Rectangle or Squares...what ever you desired....=)!!!!! you do the same with the Pineapple Jello, except you use Water instead of milk.....

Then once you have all your Jello cut up into squares or rectangles....You put it in a big bowl...add the canned pineapples, leave in the juice....and then add the 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk and lastly you add the EGGnog...BElieve me it is so will have people asking for seconds and also for the recipe....So Enjoy....


  1. So is this a liquidy dessert or after you add the condensed milk and eggnog will it set in the fridge?


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