Caldo de Camaron

2 1lb bags of Cooked shrimp

1 Freshly chopped Roma Tomatoe

2 Garlic Cloves chopped

About 6 medium sized Potatoes, chopped into medium size squares

a handful of rice

6 large carrots, sliced into smaller portions (or as like to buy them already sliced into chips) then you would need a 1 lb bag

2 Knorr chicken Flavor Bouillon

Salt to Taste



EFinely chopped Cilantro



Sauted the finely Chopped Garlic Cloves with the Chopped Roma Tomato at the bottom of the Pot, then add the Water about 3/4 full of a medium size pot. Bring to Boil and and add the Carrots, Potatoes, and a handfull of rice; along with the 1/4 cup of tomato sauce, Chicken Boullions and salt to taste.When Carrots and Potatoe are cooked, basically soft in texture or you can poke a fork through them easily, then you will add the Shrimp (I take the tails off, some people cooked it whole).
Let the shrimp cook for about 5 more minutes at medium high.

Then Serve and Garnish with Lime, Cilantro and Avocado Pieces
and Enjoy!!!!

This Recipe Cost me exactly $20.00 and it fed my family of 7 + 1 uncle, 2 abuelitos, 3 cousins who happen to come by when i was cooking. YOu'll find that i dont settled just for your average Macaroni and Cheese when feeding my family, even if I have a budget I like to feed them wholesome, made from scratch meals.
I hope you enjoy my first entry MOre to come and I really look forward to hearing from You.
Denny aka "Cooking on a Budget Latina"


  1. Yumm!we are in our 2 week as week-veggies and I am in search for no meat recipes, i am trying this for sure! Thanks!


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