Avocado Dip


6 avocados
1/4 of a white onion chopped up into tiny squares
2 roma tomatoes chopped up into squares
1 big Lime/LImon
about 10 stems of cylantro cut it up as small as you can....

optional for those whole love spice
chop up into tiny squares a jalapeƱo!!!

First put the white onion chopped up in a container and put the lime juice on top
then on a separate bowl smash the avocado...i dont like to smash it all the way i like bitting into some avocado chunks...
add the diced tomatoes and the cylantro
last you add the diced onion with the lime juice...

and enjoy with chips!!!

This Avocado Dip, Perfect for almost any event.
 Its EAsy and Cheap!!!! I spend a ALARMING $5.00 haha...I guess it all depends on the avocado, and  How cheap you can get it for...in my case I usually head over to the Latin American Markets, and i always seem to find
amazing deals on FResh Veggies,

from My Kitchen to YOurs

Denny AKA "Cooking on a Budget Latina"


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